The First Mediterranean Games

I don’t know about you but I had never heard of the Mediterranean Games. That was until I found the official booklet for the first ever Games held in Alexandria in October 1951.


The games was apparently first proposed by the Egyptian, Mohammed Taher Pasha, who later became assistant president of the I.O.C and was co-founder of Egyptian Airlines. Along with a committee that also included the labour activist and member of the Royal family Abbas Halim.


The first games featured 10 Mediterranean countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Spain, Malta, France, Syria, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Yugoslavia. The events included Shooting, Athletics, Football, Basketball and Weightlifting.


Every event had its own committee in Egypt and in the O.A.C. Here are the members of the committees for Football and Basketball.


The events even included a marathon around the city of Alexandria, the map of which was reproduced.


The Italians seem to be the most successful competitors in the games, having placed top of the medals table at 12 out of 17 competitions.

For anyone who wants to watch, the next games are happening in Spain this year.

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